VICE Spain Launch Event, Seat Wind Experience, VICE-Primavera Sound, Nissan Flash Mob, Lee Jeans

Case Study

Since 2007 we have worked for VICE UK and then VICE Spain on a variety of events. These have included: the organization of the VICE stage in the music festival Primavera Sound 07, the production of the VICE Spain launch party on an old cargo ship, the production and stage management of a LEE/VICE UK collaboration entitled LEE Kills Barcelona and an event for Bread and Butter that occurred simultaneous in two different clubs with different bands.

In addition, Aquipo coordinated a flash mob in Madrid’s city centre to direct viewers’ attention to a musical event in Joy Eslava organized by VICE for Nissan. We also handled the set design and general production for an evening Seat Wind Experience music festival in Tarifa.  We have also forged sponsorship deals between VICE and other brands which still hold today.

Show Case