Mooks Stand

Bread and Butter 2008 & 2009

Case Study

Leaving a lasting impression at the Barcelona Bread and Butter editions, Aquipo helped the Australian clothing brand adapt its new store concept to a stand for the fashion trade fair.  In 2009, Aquipo integrated plasma screen TVs into the stand to demonstrate that the brand goes beyond clothing. Additionally Pastry, run by Russell Simmons (the father of hiphop) and his nieces, contracted us onsite to help give the stand a look that could compete in such a design oriented environment. In just a few hours the stand came together with a look that supported the brand image and the Pastry crew made their mark.

In 2008, working under time pressure Aquipo handled the complicated stand production of a 3 x 10 meter stand-alone fence was built as the canvas for Andy Uprocks Cuprocking. Andy was constantly changing the installation, which drew special attention in the BBB environment where everyone is trying to outdo their neighbors. Andy’s live and dynamic art stole the show!

Show Case